File Lock


Protect and hide your files from the view of others


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When a single PC is shared by several users, it is evident that we should "protect" some user data from the view of others, whether for privacy or system security. There are options for protection in the operating system itself, but these options sometimes fall short.

File Lock is a tool for the protection and concealment of simple files. It consumes few resources and its main purpose is to guarantee the privacy of data that a user has selected.

Its operation is simple: just select what you want to protect (a file, a directory or a drive) and it will automatically be protected from the view of other curious users. One can even choose to hide the file. In addition to protecting the file, this will make it completely invisible to other users.

If you need to keep the contents of certain files away from others, File Lock guarantees total effectiveness.

15-day trial period.

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